Foreign workers help to push broken down bus on Lower Delta Rd when they didn’t have to

A soldier helped out too.

Fasiha Nazren | July 11, 2018 @ 05:54 pm


The morning commute to work can be a trying journey because of the squeeze and sometime being slapped in the face with someone’s wet long hair.

But Facebook user Zye Hensem didn’t seem to mind facing a traffic jam this morning thanks to a soldier and a group of foreign workers.

Bus broke down in the middle of junction

While driving around 10am in the morning, Zye encountered a congestion along Lower Delta Road.

The short jam was caused by a private chartered bus that broke down in the middle of the junction.

screenshot via video

Bus driver seeks help from foreign workers

According to Zye, the bus driver was helplessly waiting by his bus, along with a soldier.

The bus driver was apparently waving to a group of foreign workers who were doing landscaping work on Mount Faber Road.

Without any hesitation, at least five foreign workers came over to push the heavy vehicle aside with the help of the soldier in order to avoid a bigger congestion.

Zye added:

These group of people just simply stopped their work and readily help him pushed the bus aside.”

Upon seeing what was going on, he whipped out his smartphone to document this small act of kindness:

And while their actions may seem menial to some, it probably helped several motorists to get to their destinations on time.

Not the first time

This is not the first time foreign workers have went out of their way to help Singaporeans in need.

Foreign workers in Bukit Batok accompanied & held umbrella over accident victim

Foreign workers voluntarily shelter bus commuters from rain at Sengkang bus stop

Top image screenshot from video

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