Dog hit by Lamborghini in China, dog owner has to compensate driver S$9,031

That's one expensive side vent.

Kayla Wong | July 26, 2018, 05:56 PM

A dog owner has to compensate the driver of a Lamborghini after her dog ran onto the road and was hit by the sports car in Suzhou, China.

While the golden retriever escaped with minor injuries, the 8 million RMB (~S$1.6 million) car was left with a damaged side vent that cost around 450,000 RMB (~S$90,340) to fix.

Ran off after slipping out of leash

According to The Paper, the dog owner's 13-year-old daughter was walking the dog last Tuesday, July 17, when the dog slipped out of its leash and ran off onto the road.

The driver, surnamed Wang, had reportedly offered the girl 2,000 RMB (~S$401) for the dog's veterinary bills as the dog was bleeding at the mouth and the girl kept crying.

But the girl rejected the offer and called her mother, surnamed Zhou, who then rushed to the scene and insisted on letting the police handle it.

Dog owner failed to keep animal under control

Under Chinese civil law, Zhou could have been held liable for the full cost of the car repairs as she had failed to keep the dog under control.

In the end, officers managed to mediate an agreement between both parties.

The amount agreed upon was one-tenth of the total cost -- 45,000 RMB (~S$9,031) -- as Zhou could not afford to pay the full amount.

It was even reported that Zhou planned to let her daughter go work at Wang's company to experience 'the hardship of working'.

The way the dispute was settled amicably received widespread praise from Chinese netizens, who called it a 'textbook example of conflict resolution'.


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