Things you can & cannot do in & around Tanglin area during Trump-Kim summit

Please don't fly your drone there.

By Joshua Lee | June 4, 2018

The Ministry of Home Affairs has gazetted the Tanglin area as a “special event area” from June 10 to June 14.

The general assumption is that the Donald Trump-Kim Jong-un summit is supposedly happening on June 12.

Located within the area is the Shangri-La hotel, which is rumoured to be the venue of the summit.

Kim Jong-un wants to stay at the Fullerton Hotel S’pore

Special Event Area

The “special event area” is bound by Bukit Timah Road, Scotts Road, Paterson Road, Cluny Road, and Evans Road. It excludes private property.

Via Ministry of Home Affairs.

Special Zone within Special Event Area

Within the “special event area”, the Singapore police has also designated a “special zone” where the police can exercise enhanced powers.

This “special zone” is bounded by Fernhill Road, Nassim Road, Orchard Boulevard, Anguila Park, Claymore Hill, Draycott Drive, and Stevens Road.

What this means for you

If you’re within or in the special event area, the police have the power to conduct spot checks.

They can search your property, your person, or your vehicle. You also cannot bring in the following prohibited items:

  1. Any noxious or offensive substance.
  2. A marine flare and signal, landing flare, highway fuse, smoke generator, distress signal or other pyrotechnic device intended for signalling, warning, rescue or similar purposes.
  3. Any petroleum or flammable material
  4. An explosive
  5. Any arms
  6. An item capable of attaching a person to an object or another person, or preventing removal of any locking or connecting device
  7. An aerosol paint container or other implement or substance that is capable of being used to mark graffiti
  8. A loud hailer
  9. Any flag or banner which is larger than one metre by one metre, or has a handle longer than one metre
  10. Any public address system, electronic equipment, broadcast equipment or similar device which may interfere with broadcast equipment or similar devices being used by the event organiser or police officers
  11. Any drones and their accompanying components

Other than that, feel free to head over for a stroll and do anything you want. Who knows, you might catch sight of Kim or Trump.

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