Journalists fed copious amounts of free good food at F1 Pit Building Trump-Kim summit media centre

Media is not about being poor and starving. Mostly just being poor.

Mandy How | June 12, 2018, 12:36 AM

Some 3,000 journalists, both local and international, will be working in the F1 Pit Building for the Trump-Kim summit from June 10 to 13.

For the historical event, Singapore will spend a cool S$20 million, about half of which will go to security.

According to government sources, the cost of setting up the media centre as well as facilitating the 2,500 visiting journalists covering the event comes up to a quarter of the sum at S$5 million.

This excludes feeding the the journalists, as food at the event is apparently sponsored, according to The Straits Times.

Buffet, vendors, and vending machines

Here's what the dining area looks like:

The array of food can roughly be split into three segments: Buffet, vendors, and vending machines.

Under buffet, there's local, international, and vegetarian choices.

A total of 45 dishes from 15 cuisines is prepared. Among these choices are Thai, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, English, Australian, Brazilian and Middle Eastern food.

Foreign reporters can also try local dishes such as laksa and chicken rice.


The line-up also includes desserts like cake, jellies, and kueh:

In-between meals, if you're feeling peckish when the buffet has been cleared, there's vendors like Udders that made Kimchi ice cream specially for this event, Ya Kun, and Old Chang Kee.

The unique selling point is that all vendors are local companies.

Another option is the 24-hour vending machines that can dispense various types of main course from local, Western, and Korean cuisines.

Source: Chef in Box Facebook

And of course, coffee:

And yeah. Journalists eat for free. Whee.

[Update] More photos: