Singapore Airlines investigating passenger allegations of being treated like a "prisoner" onboard

Passengers were hot and bothered.

Mandy How | June 14, 2018, 05:22 PM

On June 12, Facebook user Chandni Doulatramani created a video post on the social media platform, and recounted a "horrifying" experience she allegedly had on a Singapore Airlines flight to Kolkata.

At time of writing, the airline has apologised for the inconvenience caused to their customers, and assured in a statement that they take such claims seriously and will be looking into the case.

Video of passengers arguing with police

According to Chandni, she and her parents were flying back to Kolkata from Brisbane on June 8.

After a six-hour layover in Singapore, they got ready to depart at 9.10pm. However, the plane only departed around 12.30am supposedly due to air-conditioning issues.

The video uploaded by Chandni showed two passengers speaking with some security officers in an argumentative tone:

[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

While the audio is largely muffled, a passenger could be seen gesticulating while he was talking, as other passengers looked on.

Subsequently, another passenger beside the first joins in the conversation, but appears to be calmer — at first.

Later on, the first passenger rejoined the conversation, which became slightly heated.

The security officer remained stoic.

A few moments into the two passengers' tirade, the captain's voice came on the speakers. Parts of the audio were indiscernible, but he could be heard assuring the passengers that they have completed the works and will be "departing very, very shortly".

The one-sided conversation between the two passengers and the security officer resumed as the announcement ended, with the latter reacting minimally (at least, when the camera was pointed towards him).

At the end of the video, a quick camera pan showed more passengers standing and watching the commotion.

Cabin crew allegedly shut passengers up

During the lengthly delay, Chandni wrote that they were treated like "prisoners".

Here are some examples of the alleged mistreatment they faced, after boarding the plane at 9.30pm (20 minutes later than the originally scheduled take-off):

A pregnant woman experienced hot flashes and two other women were vomiting. Everyone was sweating and the air was humid.

However, when the passengers they confronted the cabin crew, they latter reportedly rudely shut them up and threatened to call the cops on them.

The crew allegedly said, "We are in the same situation as you are, don't ask us, we don't know anything."

Passengers were apparently not allowed to get down from the plane, but the air-conditioning was not getting fixed.

One passenger had supposedly gotten so sick that took off his clothes and wore only a vest.

The airline allegedly told the passengers that if they offloaded themselves, they would not be allowed back in. Instead, they will be put in a plane two days later without compensation.

The passengers were allegedly refused cold water and drinks, until much later when they gathered around the pantry and demanded for it.

Ground security officers came three times but apparently did nothing to make things better.

When the plane took off at 12.30am, passengers reportedly endured the three-hour flight with "zero ventilation in super humid weather", and with a bunch of "extremely rude cabin crew".

At the end of her post, Chandni expressed her desire to "take it up legally" and "claim a full reimbursement".


Singapore Airlines responds

Besides the apology, the airline also acknowledged that they experienced "technical issues on the ground", which resulted in a two hour and 52 minutes delay.

This is their statement in full:

“Singapore Airlines flight SQ516 operating from Singapore to Kolkata on 8 June 2018, experienced technical issues on the ground resulting in a 2 hour 52 minutes delay. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers on board. With regards to the online post, we take these claims seriously and will be looking into them thoroughly.”

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