Pervert in S’pore takes photo of secondary school student on bus to write erotica

The victim's father is apparently a policeman.

Mandy How | June 5, 2018 @ 12:48 am


Judging by the slew of sexual harassment stories going around, it’s safe to say that perverts in Singapore are aplenty:

Furniture mover WhatsApps image of Andrea Chong to Andrea Chong, saying “no bra inside one”

Alleged molester kneels down on bus & admits to molestation history after being called out

But the latest incident to enter public consciousness takes being a pervert to a fictive level.

Alerted by S$300 “offer”

On June 2, Twitter user @h4yuti4r4 shared a photo of herself on a public bus that was taken by a pervert, who subsequently used it to write his own erotica.

Unfortunately, the victim only knew about the creep shot’s existence because someone messaged her on Instagram with a S$300 “offer”.

The graphic descriptions have been censored:

That was when she tweeted that that her photo had been misused:

Told her father, who is a police officer

In an update, the victim said that she has informed her father, who happens to be a police officer, about the post:

However, another user has commented with a piece of rather bleak news: 

The last we checked, the Tumblr account that featured the “story” is no longer available.

The good news is, a Singaporean blogger is on a crusade to remove more of such privacy-infringing/ sexually-inappropriate accounts:

S’pore blogger on a crusade to take down sexual harassment & upskirt Tumblrs

Top image from Twitter post

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