Makansutra’s KF Seetoh pays tribute to late Anthony Bourdain

Seetoh recalls Bourdain looking very tired and talking less the last time they met for work.

By Belmont Lay | 13 hours

Anthony Bourdain, chef, writer, host and globetrotter, passed away on Friday, June 8, 2018, at age 61.

Condolences and tributes from around the world have poured in for Bourdain hours after his sudden passing was reported by CNN.

Singaporean tribute

Closer to home, KF Seetoh — foodie, host, consultant, and friend of Bourdain’s — has also paid tribute to the New York city culinary personality.

In a June 8 Facebook post, mere hours after Bourdain’s passing, Seetoh wrote about how the duo met 17 years ago for the first time and hit if off immediately:

When we first met 17 yrs ago filming his Cook’s Tour, he pointed to a line in my Makansutra food guide foreward., “.. that food on screen and print is an oxymoron”, he was thrilled, and all at once, i knew i could be friends with this fella.

Seetoh also recalled how he was the one who introduced chicken rice to Bourdain, who went on to make hawker stars out of practitioners in Singapore’s hawker food scene, by giving nothing short of his wholehearted endorsement of their cheap and good fare.

A friend and consummate professional

Seetoh also recalled how Bourdain was a loyal friend and consummate professional, availing himself to grace events at short notice and working around his tight schedule by supporting publicity efforts singlehandedly with his presence.

However, Seetoh also noted that Bourdain appeared tired and less talkative in 2017 when they last met, but did not sense anything was amiss, despite the pair being close enough for Bourdain to divulge details of his personal life to him.

Seetoh was even asked by Bourdain to be a consultant to his Bourdain Market.

You can read Seetoh’s full Facebook post here:

Seetoh is a 56-year-old Singaporean food consultant, photographer, writer and television host, who is best known for creating the popular hawker food guide Makansutra in 1998.

He promotes food culture through specialised events such as The World Street Food Congress.

He is also the owner and operator of Makansutra Gluttons Bay which offers Singapore’s favourite street food in one location.

Anthony Bourdain passes away

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