People are now critiquing Daryl Aiden Yow's photo editing skills & adding sources for his images

His instagram feed is a treasure trove of ideas.

Jiahui Wee | Jeanette Tan | June 20, 2018, 06:29 PM

You might have heard about how popular local photographer and Instagrammer Daryl Aiden Yow has a number of photographs on his account that look extremely similar to those of other photographers:

As it turns out, though, the ones we found were the tip of the iceberg. Regrettably.

Here are some more, and it's gotten so bad that people have started critiquing the quality of his PhotoShop work:

1) This Vietnamese café

This one's pretty tricky. Somebody on Pinterest was able to skilfully remove him, complete with Vietnamese hat and the curious patch between his left arm and body, from the picture — next level PhotoShop skills indeed:

It also appears here (sans Yow):

(and no, regrettably he has not tagged Pinterest in his photo here. If, you know, it so happened that it appeared on Pinterest first.)

And we have Instagram user @hyeol to thank for this one:

We have to admit, we laughed.

2) Cloudy composites

And in this pretty picture from "that year in Yehliu"...

The clouds in that photo look quite like the lower half of these from Million Wallpapers:

3) This desert photo for a Plaza Singapura-sponsored post:

We found a similar photo that was flipped and expanded for this Depositphotos stock image:

Feedback was accordingly provided:

4) This sponsored post he did for Topman:

A wider version of this photo also appears here:

Screenshot via

And here's the critique that follows:

So constructive.


5) This shot from Okinawa aquarium:

It appeared, sans smiley stingray, on Shutterstock:

Screenshot via

And here's the critique on his photo:

6) This Northern Lights photo:

Which, as it turns out, was flipped and appears also on this NextBackground wallpaper download site:

This, too, was helpfully sourced by two Instagram users:

7) Another wallpaper sky:

Now we're not sure if it was actually in the Maldives that this sky wallpaper below was taken, but it certainly matches Yow's sky in his photo:

Screenshot via

8) This image paid for by Heineken, and which he claims is taken with a Sony camera:

He has already stealthily taken it down, but thankfully an eagle-eyed Mothership reader named Victor Goh shared this screenshot with us, complete with PhotoShop critique:

Photo posted by Victor Goh, which you can find in our comments here

9) But this one truly takes the cake for us — also a sponsored post, by the way:

So nice of Yow to share a picture of his bath time to promote a shampoo. The bathtub, though, made an appearance on a website called Fine Furnished:

And, cue the comments, including a helpfully-added source credit:

The greatest mystery of all is the identity of the talented photographer who is able to capture Yow in all sorts of Instagrammable situations, and at the same time, able to capture photographs that are a 100 per cent match with pictures found on other websites.

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Top photos: screenshots from Daryl Aiden Yow's Instagram page and Fine Furnished