National Day Parade 2018 'We are Singapore' remake splits S'poreans into 2 camps

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Darryl Laiu | Mandy How | May 22, 2018, 11:08 PM

The theme song for National Day Parade (NDP) 2018 has been released on social media sites since May 20, 2018.

This time, it's a remake of the 1987 classic We Are Singapore, updated by local musician Charlie Lim.

Here is the music video:

However, ironically enough, the updated song has split Singaporeans into two camps — those who applaud the new version, and those who, well, aren't very fond of it.

What's in the updated version

If you're too lazy to listen for yourself, here's a quick rundown of what's new in the 2018 version:

  • Opening fanfare of the original is replaced with synthesised beats
  • Added preface with lyrics written and performed by Lim
  • Rap of the national pledge
  • Overall, a contemporary take on the classic. Very millennial sounding, if you must label it.

The 2018 version features local artistes Vanessa Fernandez, Aisyah Aziz, Shak'thiya Subramaniamm, Joanna Dong, TheLionCityBoy, as well as the ITE Show Choir.

These artistes are known in the local scene for genres like electronic pop, R&B, pop, folk, jazz, and hip-hop.

In any case, the current version is definitely a big leap from the stately sounding original:

Singaporeans split into two camps over song

Refreshing as it is, Singaporeans remain divided over the song.

Some feel that the updated version does not cater to the older crowd:


Music experts

A couple of music experts have also given their insightful commentary on the piece:

Others praised the contemporary twist

On the other hand, some others are praising the song for its contemporary twist:

Throwing shade at past years' songs:

And look at this heartwarming comment:


Video applauded for including migrant workers

While more people praised the video for including migrant workers:



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