Man in S’pore didn’t get used panties & photos after paying S$250, announces it on internet

This photo is of clean underwear.

Mandy How | May 31, 2018 @ 07:16 pm


It’s one thing to purchase used panties and photo set package supposedly off a young girl you’ve never met except on Instagram and then realised you got scammed S$250.

It’s another thing to make a police report and announce what you have done on the internet.

Especially when your “bros” are not exactly appreciative of your actions.

Premium membership on Instagram

On May 31, a Hardwarezone forum user known as “revenger2345” created a post warning others about this “scam business” so they won’t fall prey to it.

According to him, followers of an Instagram user known as Nasha were treated to a “sale” of her private Instagram account, where one would get explicit photos of her if they paid for “premium membership”.

This was happening on May 12.

However, revenger2345 claimed that Nasha would then use explicit photos taken off blogging site Tumblr and passed it off as her own.

Her private Snapchat account has since been inactive.

No show after transferring money

The forum user also added complaints from various other victims who experienced the scam.

After transferring payment, Nasha would allegedly not hand over the goods she promised her premium members.

As for revenger2345, he paid S$250 for a used panties and photo set package — presumably containing explicit photos — but got stood up by Nasha.

The seller has apparently also made it clear, through a messaging app named Kik, that she was not going to refund him.

Modus operandi

Here are more practices that Nasha reportedly engages in, as warned by revenger2345:

  • If a customer doesn’t know who she is, she will pretend to be Nasha’a best friend/ buyer, and claim that she just bought the account.
  • Any photos or video sent after a deal has been made is likely taken from Tumblr or other sites.
  • If a buyer messages her on Instagram, she will block them.
  • If somebody purchases a high value package from her, it will be a no show.
  • If a buyer is rude to her on Kik, she will start calling them a paedophile
  • She uses different bank account numbers, and revenger2345 has personally collected four different bank account numbers during their transactions (makes you wonder how much he bought, huh).

Legal loophole

Unfortunately, the police have allegedly told revenger2345 that they cannot do anything as the case constitutes a breach of agreement — which is a civil wrong.

He was also advised to find his own legal recourse.

Curious about his claims, we checked out a few of the usernames revenger2345 mentioned.

This was what we found:

However, the blog is currently inactive.

Ah well. Hopefully revenger2345 won’t be too hard on himself.

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Top image from Tumblr and Carousell

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