4 people in Mercedes that crashed into car on PIE said they weren’t driving it

That is the stupidest defence ever.

Mandy How | May 14, 2018 @ 04:09 pm

Okay, so this is actually funny.

Four people in a Mercedes-Benz all said they were not the driver after the vehicle they were in hit another car from the back on the PIE (Pan-Island Expressway).

Mystery driver

The incident occurred on May 12, 9.56pm.

The victim of the collision, known as Ben Son on Facebook, wrote an account of the accident on Facebook.

He was driving what appears to be a Honda, with family members in the vehicle as well.

High-impact crash

The victim shared two videos of the collision.

The first was from his vehicle’s rear camera, which showed the Mercedes ramming into his vehicle that had slowed down on the first lane of the expressway due to congestion.

The impact was strong enough to knock the camera off balance.

The second video, taken by the dashcam, captured the vehicle’s jolt:

This is what the victim’s vehicle looked like after the collision:

And this is what the Mercedes looked like: 

Four people in Mercedes denied being the driver

According to victim, all four people in the Mercedes denied being the driver.

They apparently repeated the same thing to the police when they arrived at the scene.

After checks by the police, it was revealed that the car was indeed registered to a person not present at the scene.

Driver allegedly over alcohol limit

Just when the group was about to leave with the tow truck, police officers found the alleged driver by the side of the expressway trying to flag a cab.

It turns out that he was the fifth person in the Mercedes and was identified as the owner of the vehicle.

The alleged drink-driver, a 51-year-old man, was trying to flag down a cab on the expressway, just a few hundred metres away from the crash.

He was then tested and found to be above the alcohol limit, which is enforced at 0.08 percent of blood alcohol content in Singapore.

The victim claimed that the alleged driver smelled of alcohol even from a few feet away, and that the latter “showed no remorse” over his actions.

One of the four passengers, a middle-aged man, was claimed to have said: “All of us are Chinese, since everyone is fine, could you get a chance?”

At this, the victim wrote that he gave the uncle “a good lecture”.

The victim’s family reported feeling some aches due to the accident.

However, it is not known how the alleged drink driver left his car without being spotted.

In response to Mothership queries, the police have replied that investigations are ongoing.

This is their statement in full:

On 12 May 2018, at 10.16pm, the police were alerted to an accident involving two cars along PIE towards Tuas, before Stevens Road exit.

The car driver, a 51-year-old man, was arrested for suspected drink-driving.

Police investigations are ongoing.

If convicted, a first-time offender will be liable to a fine of up to S$5,000, jail term of up to six months, and be disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence for at least 12 months under Section 67 of the Road Traffic Act.

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