Assumption Pathway School students use toilet brush & seat to bully special needs peer

The bullies put a toilet seat on the victim as they laughed hysterically at her.

By Fasiha Nazren | April 13, 2018

An Instagram story video of three students from Assumption Pathway School bullying another special needs peer went viral on various social media platforms on April 12.

Toilet brush shoved towards abdomen and face

In the video, the victim is seen wearing a black rubbish bag, while one student shoved a toilet brush towards the victim’s abdomen and face.

Another student then went on to put a toilet seat over her head, while the others began laughing.



For our non-Malay readers, the video has a caption that says “We’re busy… bullying a retarded child.”

Amidst the laughter, the person behind the camera was also heard saying the following phrases to her friends and the special needs student:

“You like?”

“Shove it in her, shove it in her!”

“You’re so disgusting!”

Victim helpless

Throughout the whole ordeal, the victim seemed aloof and only pushed the brush away when the girl started using the toilet brush to brush her face.

Unfortunately, that small act of retaliation earned her another slap with the toilet brush.

Allegedly on “okay” terms with the victim

After the video was shared widely on social media, one of the girls involved in the incident shared on her Instagram story that she is on “okay” terms with the special needs student.

She had also admitted that she was indeed acting “too harsh”.

In the same post, she also urged netizens to take down the video.

Accused feels no need to apologise

She also seemed to show no remorse when someone allegedly told her to apologise to the girl.

“I’m okay with her, (why do you) want me to apologise? I spend the whole day in school with her and even go to recess with her. We bullied her mildly. My friends and I didn’t go overboard, we weren’t so violent that she died. That’s enough, it’s useless if you start lecturing me because I’m going to bring that girl (to) talk to anyone (to explain) what just happen just now.”

A few hours later, another Instagram story emerged issuing an apology adding that she has learned from her mistakes.

On April 13, the girl has also gone on to Facebook to post an apology letter, seeking to gain back “everyone’s trust and confidence”.

Angry reactions

The viral video angered many Singaporeans, some of whom were even more enraged that the bully didn’t feel remorseful enough to apologise at first.

Speaking to Mothership, Assumption Pathway School’s principal stressed that the actions of the bullies are unacceptable and they are providing counselling to the victim.

“The actions in the video are unacceptable. We take a strong stand against bullying, and teach our students to care for others. We have since identified the offenders and taken immediate disciplinary action. We are also working with their parents to ensure that the offenders are made aware of the serious consequences of their behaviour, and that they will not repeat such behaviour.

We are also providing counselling and continued support to the victim.”

Top image screenshot via video

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