Restaurant owner in China caught peeing & dropping excrement in competitor's beef soup

Not the special sauce you'd hope for in your food.

Kayla Wong | April 04, 2018, 07:48 PM

When the owner of a Dongbei noodle shop in Haikou, the capital of China's Hainan province, noticed that his beef soup had a strange smell and even had excrement inside, he suspected foul play. The same thing happened for three more times.

The fourth time it happened, the owner and his wife lay in wait to see who the culprit was. While they saw the culprit clearly, they did not expose him for they did not have any evidence. They then set up a surveillance camera in the restaurant and waited.

Sure enough, the culprit came again for a fifth time. And this time round, the camera captured everything.

Culprit was known as 'Brother Li'

The camera captured the owner of another Dongbei restaurant, known as 'Brother Li', taking the lid off the pot of beef soup and dropping something inside from a container.

The substance turned out to be excrement.

The culprit then proceeded to relieve himself in the other pot.

Jealous of competitor's success?

According to The Paper, local police said that the 'Brother Li' might be jealous of the success of the neighbouring restaurant. But the owner said that Li's restaurant business was actually more successful than his.

Although they were both from the Dongbei region, they served different kinds of Dongbei food in their restaurants.

However, the owner revealed that they had a run-in with each other previously. Li had told him not to sell buns and dumplings anymore as he was selling dumplings as well. He gave in and complied.

The owner said that they have since been cordial with each other, and that Li and his family visited his home in Dongbei before during Chinese New Year.


Business affected by incident

Since the incident, the owner said that business in his restaurant had fallen, with average profits dropping from around RMB2000 (~S$ 416) to RMB500 (~S$104) per day.

Police said that the person would be dealt with according to the law.

You can watch a video of the sneaky act here:

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Top image via The Paper