Jurong GRC MP Tan Wu Meng injured after alleged “unprovoked assault”

Tan escaped with minor abrasions, and returned to his Meet-the-People Session after hospital visit.

Jeanette Tan | April 17, 2018 @ 12:32 pm

When you think of Jurong GRC, you probably remember only one Member of Parliament representing it:

Photo by Lim Weixiang for Mothership.sg

But as one of the largest group representation constituencies in Singapore, it’s actually represented by six MPs.

And this doctor dude is one of them:

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On Monday evening, Tan was the victim of an alleged “unprovoked assault”, according to other MPs who have spoken to Mothership.

According to a report on Channel NewsAsia, Tan was seeing residents at a Meet-the-People Session (MPS) on Monday evening in Clementi, when a man allegedly rushed in and started hitting Tan with his fists.

Tan reportedly said it happened very suddenly, and he fell to the floor from the impact.

Volunteers and residents then pulled the alleged attacker off Tan and restrained him while the police and Singapore Civil Defence Force were called in.

Mothership was also informed, according to messages circulating from grassroots volunteers in the constituency, that police have arrested the suspected assailant.

Tan also reportedly suffered minor bruises on one arm and abrasions on his neck, and we understand he was not hospitalised. He was also allowed to return to resume his MPS by the doctor he saw at the accident and emergency department.

Here’s what Tan was quoted saying about the incident:

“We don’t know (the identity of the young man) – he is not a regular visitor… My main concern at the time was making sure the residents and volunteers were safe and I also hope that the young man … I hope he can get help to try and find his way back.”

We’ve contacted the police, as well as Tan, to seek further information about the case.

Top photo by Jonathan Lim

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