MasterChef UK judge clarifies 'crispy' rendang remark: Chicken wasn't cooked

Helps to keep interest in the series high.

Belmont Lay| April 05, 01:35 PM

Gregg Wallace, the MasterChef UK judge slammed for his "crispy skin" rendang remark, is stirring the pot some more.

This was after he reiterated his original claim by saying the meat the contestant served was "not cooked".

New comment

He made this new comment in an appearance on television programme Good Morning Britain (GMB) alongside fellow judge John Torode on Wednesday, April 4.

The presenter had asked Gregg: "Would you be popping into any Malaysian restaurants or are you not allowed any more? What’s going on?"

He said: "Oh for crying out loud. The Malaysian prime minister has got involved as well."

Another presenter then said: "Explain what happened please."

This is the full transcript of the conversation:

Host: "Should you be popping into any Malaysian restaurants recently? Or are you not welcome anymore? What's going on?"

*Wallace laughs awkwardly*

Host: "Look at you!"

Wallace: "For crying out loud..."

Host: "There's an international diplomatic row over chicken!"

Wallace: "Oh, the Malaysian Prime Minister's got involved."

Host: "Let's explain what happened. There's a particular dish isn't it. Rendang."

Wallace: "What happened was part of a dish was a rendang and I said -- although reports said I said the skin wasn't crispy -- I didn’t mean it it should be fried, like fried chicken. What I meant was that it wasn’t cooked. And it simply wasn’t cooked. It was wet out and flappy."

Hosts: "But you said crispy! Oh, controversy. Think about that, 'cause the Malaysian Prime Minister's said -- "

Wallace: "But rest assured the best cooks will always go through."

Torode: "Yeah, absolutely. And that's the point. The best cooks will always go through. And if you look at the final 8, that we've gotten in now, the food they're producing is unbelievable. I did a whole series on Malaysia! Malaysia food is fantastic! absolutely love it."

Host: "You should know that!"

Torode: "I do, I said to her, [the chicken] wasn't cooked enough, that's what I said. Exactly did say that."

Wallace: "She didn't go out because the skin wasn't crispy. She went out because the other cooks were better."