S'poreans dub Hokkien phrases over memes & popular films using new Madlipz app

Aspiring voice actors can train here first.

Mandy How | April 09, 2018, 03:42 PM

If you're twiddling your thumbs on the MRT or are just really free, here's a new app that lets you get creative and be entertained.

Made by Canadian company Eigenuity Inc, MadLipz lets users record their voices over popular film and TV scenes, as well as clips of animals (among other templates).

Films include "The Avengers", "Taken", "Spongebob Squarepants", "Star Wars", and more.

There's also sports, Bollywood, animal, and political categories (which consists mostly of Trump and Obama).

The app's beta version was launched in January 2016, but passed 5 million downloads in 2017.

And it looks like it's starting to take off in Singapore too.


Best Singaporean dubs are in Hokkien

Singaporeans, of course, dubbed of most of their videos with the Hokkien dialect — to hilarious ends.

We pick out some of the best ones, like this one of Trump and a little kid that leverages on old school beng humour (warning: profanities ahead):

[video width="640" height="640" mp4="https://static.mothership.sg/1/2018/04/vid-2.mp4"][/video]

Trump: First I bang the drum

Kid: Then I bang your mum

And this adapted "Frozen" scene should be pretty relatable to army boys trying to chao geng:

[video width="640" height="480" mp4="https://static.mothership.sg/1/2018/04/vid-3.mp4"][/video]

Anna: Hello MO?

Anna: *singing* My name is recruit Jerry~~~ I come here take MC~~~~ I got headache fever cough and flu, PT I cannot do.

And one more that teaches you about parenting and classic Singaporean phrases:

[video width="640" height="640" mp4="https://static.mothership.sg/1/2018/04/vid-1.mp4"][/video]

Dino child: Kao peh kao bu! (cry father cry mother!)

Mother: 哇儿子你很聪明 leh 谁叫你的 来下一句 bo peh bo bu! (Wow son you are so clever leh who taught you one? Come next sentence, no father no mother!)

Child: Bo peh bo bu! (no father no mother!)

Mother: 哇聪明下一句! (so clever, what's next?)

Child: Si peh si bu! (die father die mother!)

Mother: 最后一句跟我来! (come last me hear the last sentence!)

Child: Kaninabu lah! (Uh, we won't translate this one.)

Search MadLipz on the app store to download, or check out their Instagram for more examples (non-localised).

Top image screenshot from app