Road vigilante leaves turtle colouring exercise for S’pore driver who can’t park within space lines

The car was completely out of line.

Mandy How | April 25, 2018 @ 04:36 pm


If you’ve been on the road often enough, you might have met your fair share of inconsiderate drivers (or you might have been at the receiving end of more than a few middle fingers or horns for being one yourself).

Like this car owner who decided to take up two spaces in a busy car park, right in the middle of the day:

S’poreans leave ‘love notes’ for driver who took up two parking lots in Changi Village

Other Singaporeans opted to educate him by leaving notes, including one that says “If you f*ck like you park, you’re never going to make it”.

Printed turtle note

In this latest instance, one unidentified person (presumably a fellow driver) similarly left a note for yet another errant driver.

Here’s the post, uploaded to Facebook page SG Road Vigilante on April 24:

In case you can’t see:

“Many three-year-olds have trouble staying within the lines.

Maybe if you practice colouring this turtle, it will help with your parking”

What tickled us (besides the hilarious yet effective content) was the fact that the person who left the note had it printed and ready at hand.

Left by an “SG Road Vigilante”?

Judging by the comments, however, the person responsible for the cute turtle note might just be one of the administrators of the SG Road Vigilante group.

Two comments from users with badges next to their names (they show only on desktop for some reason) reproduce the artwork in pretty high quality:

Others have expressed their interest in printing it out for themselves:

If you would like to use it too, here it is:

Happy driving.

Top image from SG Road Vigilante’s Facebook page

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