Zoe Tay & Li Nanxing return to remind you not to gamble with travel insurance

Not so unbeatable after all.

Joshua Lee| March 15, 02:12 PM

The Unbeatables are back — sort of — to remind Singaporeans of the importance of travel insurance.

Launched as part of Singapore Tourism Board (STB)’s "Don't Travel Blur, Travel Sure" campaign, the series of videos features King and Queen of Gamblers Li Nanxing and Zoe Tay and the supporting cast of Zhu Houren, Chen Shucheng, and Liang Weidong.

The message of these clips: don’t gamble with your travel insurance.

How? By doing these three things:

  1. Check if your travel agent has the right licence (you can do that here)
  2. Read and understand the terms and conditions in your travel product.
  3. Make sure your travel insurance has travel agent insolvency coverage — y'know, in case your travel agent's business suddenly goes bust.


1 in 10 S’poreans have never bought travel insurance: STB survey

And there is reason for this concern: a 2017 survey conducted by STB found that one in 10 respondents have never bought a travel insurance policy.

The survey also found that the most-cited reasons for not buying travel insurance were short duration of trips and perceived "low-risk" destinations.

One in four respondents also did not check if their travel agents were licensed.

You can read more about how not to gamble with travel insurance here, and enjoy that blast of nostalgia below:



Well, if the Gambling Gods won't gamble with travel insurance, you shouldn't too.

Top image via YouTube.