Bride in S'pore unhappy with blurry wedding photos, bridal company makes police report

The package was supposed to cost S$2,500.

Sulaiman Daud | March 31, 2018, 02:26 AM

Talk about being disappointed on your big day.

A woman who recently got married has taken to Facebook to rant about the skills of the wedding photographers she hired, or lack thereof.

Her March 30 post is hilarious and frustrating at the same time.

And it's also a bit long, so we've summarised it for you.

Wedding package

It all started on Sept. 27, 2017.

The woman approached a bridal photography company to ask about the wedding package offered.

The package, "Photography plus Videography", included:

  • Free bridal set of three choices of Couple Wear
  • Artificial Flower Hand Bouquet
  • Make-up artists

On Oct. 6, 2017, both sides met up again. The couple agreed to pay the deposit during the first bridal fitting. The total package, priced at S$2,500, included:

  • Bridal 3 pairs (not including duit kipas)
  • Photography

    - 1x 8R TableTop

    - 1x 12R Flushmount Album (20pages)

    - 1x 20'X30' Canvas Print with frame

    - Soft copies (unedited)

  • Videography


Cancelling the package

According to Nurhasyikin, everything went "smoothly" on the solemnisation day itself.

Two photographers, one videographer, and one specialist photographer were present.

Unfortunately, due to a personal family matter, Nurhasyikin and her husband could no longer hold the reception.

So, she texted one of the staff on Jan. 31, 2018, and said that she wished to discontinue the package.

She received a reply a week later that said because of the cancellation, she would not receive any of the photos from her solemnisation day.

However, if she wrote a review for the company on their Facebook page, they would send her 100 photos in a disc.

Nurhasyikin was surprised that she would only be receiving 100 photos for the day, as the event lasted four hours, including the photo shoot and the family lunch.

Moreover, she said nothing in the contract stated that she would not be able to receive the photos if she cancelled the package.

She would, overall, still have paid up 40 percent of the service.

She asked about the other items in the package, and was told she would need to top up some money to receive the items.

She refused and opted just to receive the photos instead.

"Professional" photos

She received her photos on March 26.

In her own words:

"I review all my wedding photos at night. and looking at all my wedding photos it was really a disaster."

According to Nurhasyikin:

Most of the photos she received were unfocused.

Pic from Nurhasyikin's Facebook.

Some were superimposed from in-camera edits.

Some pictures were half bright and half dark due to the flash used.

Pic from Nurhasyikin's Facebook.

Some were overexposed.

Pic from Nurhasyikin's Facebook.

All were "candid" pictures, with no posed photos with people looking directly at the camera.

Pic from Nurhasyikin's Facebook.

Also, even when the subjects were clearly posing for the camera, the photographer chose to focus on something else instead.

Pic from Nurhasyikin's Facebook.

Pic from Nurhasyikin's Facebook.

And for some reason, there were photos of the photographers themselves.

Pic from Nurhasyikin's Facebook.

She also said that she received very few photos of her cousins and her husband's family.

Unsatisfactory outfits

The photos aren't the only unsatisfactory experience she had.

During the bridal fitting, as she could not fit the outfits, she was told to lose weight.

According to Nurhasyikin:

"And even the bridal said to me i need to lose some weight so i can fit in the bridal set."


But that's not the end of it.

During her text conversation with the personnel from the company, she was accused of "harassing" them.

Pic from Nurhasyikin's Facebook.


"Wait! Now I'm saying I'm not happy with the photos taken. And I still say I appreciate what has been done. But if only the photos from the photoshoot are okay and not blurry, then might as well I pay for the photo shoot only, and not pay for the photographer (at the solemnisation event).

And for your information, if you want me to pay for the full package, also can! Though I don't want to continue the package, and what does my picture will be given not with the blur qualities?"

Pic from Nurhasyikin's Facebook.


"I'm not happy with the pictures taken! Not with your service. Then the pictures with my cousins are all blurry and all are not looking at the same camera. And even if it's unedited, if all the photos are blurry, how are you going to edit them?

I don't even understand which part is harassment, by the way.

Example, one of the many photos. Photos of the bride and groom, no need to take. But photos of the photographers themselves are more important. So the photos of the bride and groom turn out blurry, but the photos of the photographers are clear."

The text conversation continues, which you can see in the original post.

Company makes police report

The company has since made a police report, according to images uploaded to its Facebook page.

The caption reads:

"Good afternoon , pertaining to the issue .. Of my viral. 

Its been clearly stated by her.. She paid only deposit and cancel off the package halfway..  

Should i or should i not give her the pictures.. But its ok.. Since all is being clearly on her side.. Pretending to be victimise .. And to those who hurl abuse comments over my facebook page.. 

A Police Report have been made..

So who wish to get involved .. Get the facts right.. You tarnish my name today.. But remember Allah ia Great.. Tomorrow we may not know.. 

In a another post that appears to have been removed, the company stated that the package was valued at S$2,500, and the couple paid S$1,000 as a deposit.

Top image from Nurhasyikin's Facebook