S'poreans get salty over reason for exclusion from Aussie mag's Top 10 list of Asian food

Because 'a lot of that cuisine is other people's'.

Joshua Lee | March 03, 2018, 09:50 AM

It's one thing to exclude Singapore food from a list for its taste (it's subjective, after all). It's another to exclude us from a list because "a lot of that cuisine is other people's".

That's right, an Australian magazine thinks that Singapore cuisine is unoriginal because it's "Chinese, Indian, Malay and European".

Singapore is indeed at the unique crossroad of various cultures, and our food has evolved to become what we see today. Just look at laksa, Hainanese chicken rice, or even Hainanese 'western food'. 

Quite a number of original Singapore dishes jump to mind, but now's not the time for that because the comments section, as always, is where the drama is.

Singapore blogfather Mr Brown started off by tweeting about said 'cockamamie' article:

Then came the replies, even getting a couple from the writer, Ben Groundwater himself.

Everyone knows that the real Char Kway Teow belongs to Singapore. Oh the audacity!

"Ill-informed rationale".

Even their Facebook post got some questions about Singapore's exclusion.

To be fair, we are a food paradise, no questions about that.

Yea, it's a head scratcher.

Preach it brother.

Thank you for taking the words out of our mouth.

Ironically, Malaysia's entry on the list (#7) contains Nasi Lemak, Mi Goreng, Char Kway Teow, Roti Canai, and Fish Ball Noodles. To be honest, if Groundwater had excluded Singapore on the basis that we share a culinary history with Malaysia, he might not have gotten such flak. 



Here's how your favourite Singapore foods evolved:

Top image via Getty Images.