SG Food Rescue has collected lots of fresh food, needs your tips for charities who can benefit

They have no problem collecting the food, but they need to find more places to give it away.

Sulaiman Daud | March 05, 2018, 03:07 PM

Update (March 6 1000hrs): An earlier version of this story stated that Daniel Tay started SG Food Rescue with two other partners, it has been updated to reflect that he started it with one other partner.

Some initiatives struggle to find enough support, but local organisation SG Food Rescue (FR) has the opposite problem.

FR is a group that collects food produce that is perfectly edible, but are considered not good enough to sell due to how it looks.

Next, they distribute the collected food to charitable organisations around Singapore to help under-privileged Singaporeans get a good meal.

Too much food

However, one of FR's founders Daniel Tay posted the following on Facebook on March 1:

In case you can't see it, here's what he said:

"Hi everyone, I need some help. Recently, I started an initiative called SG Food Rescue. We rescue unsellable but edible food from vegetable and fruit sellers, and channel them to soup kitchens and charitable organisations that feed the needy.

But... we've run into a problem.

We're collecting far too much food. We urgently need to find more soup kitchens and charitable organisations that can use the several hundred kilograms of fresh produce that we collect on a weekly basis.

If you know of a kitchen that can use this large amount of free food, would you please introduce them to us? Thank you!"


Rescue mission

Food waste is a significant problem in Singapore. Every day, more than 2 million kilograms of edible food are thrown away. Only fourteen per cent is recycled, while the rest are incinerated in landfills.

FR was started in 2018 by Tay and two Judee Tan. According to Tay, they did three or four pilot runs in Jan. 2018, before officially launching the initiative in Feb. 2018.

So far, the organisation has conducted four "Veggie Rescue" Missions. This is an FR programme where vegetable and fruit suppliers are approached and asked to give away their unsellable produce. FR then distributes the produce to the needy.

However, Tay said that FR "consistently" faces the problem of collecting too much food. That's why he sent out a call on social media.

If you know of any charities, soup kitchens or organisations who could use the extra food to help feed the needy, you could send them a message at this link.

Top image from @sgfoodrescue's Instagram page.