S’pore otters caught on camera messing with turtle, multiple injuries inflicted

Poor thing :(

By Mandy How | March 8, 2018

Singaporeans love otters for their adorable antics.

So, here’s a video that captures a vastly different side of them, uploaded on the Nature Society Facebook page.

Shot on Feb. 27 at Bishan Park, the footage shows an otter attacking a turtle, while another tosses the body of a fish around before joining in for a bit:

The turtle has been identified as a pig-nosed turtle.

Pig-nosed turtle not native

Speculation on the video indicates that the pig-nosed turtle was most likely an abandoned pet, as they not a species native to Singapore.

A photo found in the comments section showed the turtle before the incident on the video:

However, the white spots on its body are allegedly injuries from the otters’ previous attacks.

While the main diet of otters consists of fish, they do sometimes hunt shellfish, frogs, and crabs for food. Some species of otters also feed on small mammals or birds.

Turtles, however, seem to be another question altogether.

It is not known whether the turtle survived 🙁

Top image from video


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