If you are ready for a terror attack, you don’t have to read this

Some simple things to remember.

Sponsored | Jonathan Lim | March 27, 2018, 08:24 PM

Wait what? Terror attack? It won’t happen here right? Our police and army so tok gong.

Sure sure. But even condom also not 100% safe you know? Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam has said as much in 2016 that is a matter of “when” and not “if” a terror attack occurs here. He further adds that “unless you turn the entire city into a prison, it’s not going to be possible to counter every possible attack.”

Huh but why attack us? We only have shopping centres. We’re so boring. They won’t attack us lah. Actually, ISIS already plotted to carry out two attacks against us that we know of. But luckily, we foiled them.

So yes, we are definitely a target.

Right. I gained all this new terror-related knowledge but what can I do to prepare for an attack? There are three broad strokes you need to know to prepare yourself:

Stay Alert. Be on the lookout for anything suspicious and don’t hesitate to report any security threats.

Stay United. What is a nation without its people right? Like Thor said - Asgard's not a place, it's the people. Build strong bonds with your neighbours and community so you will always have a network of people to fall back on in times of crisis.

Stay Strong. All the preparation for a terror attack would be meaningless if you crumble right after it. The key is to be resilient and bounce back up and give the terrorist the proverbial middle finger telling them that nothing they do can bring us down. Eff yeah.

Errrr…. How about some practical tips during an actual attack? Oh you mean when a car is mowing people down, or when a few men are running around stabbing innocent people?

Simply remember this mantra - Run, Hide, Tell.

It’s that simple.

Really meh? Run? Run where? Into the oncoming car ah? Don’t be a dumbass. Find the safest escape route and run AWAY from the danger. Don’t act hero and attempt to fight the attackers or think you can negotiate with them. You don’t negotiate with terrorists - haven’t you watched enough Hollywood movies to know that?

But why hide though? I always get max points for my shuttle run, confirm can outrun them one. Sometimes exits may be blocked, or you may have a child or elderly person with you who can’t really run. In times like these, find somewhere you think is safe to hide and, if possible, lock yourself in.

Stay quiet and switch your mobile phone to silent - you don’t want to be killed because of a stupid Facebook notification, or worse, getting discovered while watching your ex’s InstaStory video. Sobbing or laughing out loud is also not acceptable.

Ok I guess for ‘Tell’ I’m supposed to take photo of the attackers, post it on Facebook and achieve viral fame? Only if you want to attract hundreds of comments that read like this - “Damn Stupiak! Got terrorist still don’t run, take peekture for wat?!”

What ‘Tell’ means is to alert the police, either by calling them on 999, or if you have to be really quiet, you can SMS them at 71999 or contact them via the SGSecure App. Give them details of the attackers and the location. For your own safety, please don't do it right in the attackers' face.

Assuming I survived the attack. What next? It is of utmost importance we continually hum the song “One People, One Nation, One Singapore”.

Seriously? Ok, not seriously, but semi-seriously the song does hold important meaning. Terror attacks not only seek to do physical damage. What they are aiming for is to break a society down and get its people to turn on each other.

We have to remember that staying united as one people is the only way we will get through such a crisis and show the attackers that nothing will faze us and it will be business as usual for us.

This sponsored article is in collaboration with SGSecure who will proudly hum “One People, One Nation, One Singapore” together with you.