Woman wants re-delivery after Food Panda ruined cupcakes, Internet tells her to suck it up

Probably not the response she expected.

By Mandy How | March 7, 2018

Food delivery services can be a boon in terms of convenience.

But when something goes wrong, fault is shared among many parties involved  — the restaurant, the delivery guy, the delivery service company, and the customer — which can make remedying the situation complicated.

Restaurant unreachable, re-delivery request turned down

And when one Winnie Phua received a box of ruined cupcakes from Food Panda’s services recently, she decided to reject the refund offered, and instead, request for a re-delivery.

However, her request could not be fulfilled as the vendor, 12 Cupcakes, could not be reached.

This sparked a Facebook post:

In case you can’t see it, here’s a screenshot of the post:

And here are the screenshots of the conversation between Phua and the delivery guy:

Note, however, that there was no conclusion reached yet in the last screenshot, which could mean two things: Either the resolution was not made known to the audience, or Phua gave up.

Suck it up, Internet people said

And as with all drama online, the audience has invariably taken sides.

Unfortunately, for Phua, the prevalent sentiment is for her to “suck it up”, as the cupcakes have not been irrevocably ruined:

And someone pointed out that if she were really hungry, she wouldn’t have ordered cupcakes:

While another took a problem with her tone in the messages:

And yet another pointed out how spill-free food and a motorcycle ride are irreconcilable:

Ah well.

Top image from Winnie Phua’s Facebook page

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