Chinese blogger, 19, arrested for offering free sex on social media as 3,000 turned up

She got scared later and told people not to look for her.

By Kayla Wong | March 7, 2018

A 19-year-old Chinese blogger was arrested by local police in Sanya, Hainan Island on suspicion of advertising about prostitution.

This was after she posted on popular social media platform WeChat that she’d have sex with people for free.

3,000 people came looking for her

The post, uploaded on March 1 at around 8pm, read: “Who’s coming to get me… to have sex… for free… (room number) 6316”.

She added that she feels “uncomfortable” if she goes a day without doing it.

The post has since been deleted.

There were claims that as many as 3,000 people turned up at the hotel, Double Tree by Hilton, where the woman was staying.

“Just joking”

However, she was later forced to check out of her room at 10pm as too many people were knocking on her door.

Apparently, the young blogger had felt scared, and replied under her post saying that she was just joking.

She also pleaded with web users to stop coming to the hotel to look for her.

According to local media, the hotel’s concierge also received phone calls asking for the details of the guest staying in room 6316.

The report added that Double Tree by Hilton confirmed that the woman had checked in at the hotel around 3pm and stayed in room 6316.

Netizens react

Questioning the definition of prostitution

Screenshot via Weibo

Translation: If you’re paid, it’s prostitution. But what if you don’t want a single cent? Is that still considered prostitution?

It’s actually a non-question

Screenshot via Weibo

Translation: This is kind of immoral. No matter what, public solicitation is still a bad influence (on society). Whether or not money was accepted, shouldn’t it be criticised?

Disregarding the debate and making fun of her

Screenshot via Weibo

Translation: Haha… Nation’s number one prostitute fail.

Making a constructive suggestion

Screenshot via Weibo

Translation: I suggest (the authorities) to crack down on prostitution. Too often, I’ve stayed at hotels with prostitution ads plastered all over. There’re even phone calls that advertise sexual services late at night too. Even when I’m leaving the hotel to buy something, I’d run into a prostitute trying to flirt with me. How exasperating.

Directing their anger to the authorities

Screenshot via Weibo

Translation: (The authorities) sure like to crack down on such vices… meanwhile they ignore the many online scams and internet frauds!! 😡

According to local Chinese media, the woman would be jailed for 15 days and fined 500 RMB (~S$104).

You can watch the video taken by a randy netizen as he went searching for the woman here:

Top image adapted via Weibo and Double Tree Resort by Hilton

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