This story about chicken rice prices sounds oddly like something else that happened in S’pore

The man said he was labelled as 'dishonest' for suspecting the price would be raised this year.

Jeanette Tan | March 10, 2018 @ 03:19 pm

On Friday (Mar. 10, 2018) afternoon, a man in Singapore related a story of an encounter he claims to have had with the owner of a chicken rice stall in his neighbourhood.

In short, he and his neighbours were concerned about a potential inflation in prices for plates of chicken rice — on the back of what he “suspected” to be hints of an incoming price change.

But the man, one Zixu Augustin Lee, said when he shared his suspicion with the owner of the chicken rice stall, he roundly had his head metaphorically chewed off by the owner, who according to Lee “became very angry and went hysterical”, calling him “dishonest” for suspecting that the price change would happen this year.

Why? Because eventually the stall posted a notice saying the price increase would kick in in 2020.

Now, we can’t put our finger on why, but it sounds oddly familiar to something else that happened a day or two ago in Singapore.

But hey, maybe you can help us out.

Here’s the full story:

And if you can’t see it, here’s the post in full:

“The chicken rice stall in my neighborhood charges $3.50 per plate. Recent months they keep hinting to customers that prices might increase, myself and my neighbors thought that they are going to increase the price this year. Later on the stall finally posted a notice saying that they will increase the price to $4.20 per plate only in 2020.

I told the owner that I suspected the price increment to be this year as he sent out hints of price increment recently. Suddenly the owner became very angry and went hysterical and he called me “dishonest”. He insist that I apologize to him for the suspicion, I told him that I’m not the only one who had the suspicion, most of my neighbors suspected that.

I am very shocked by the stall owner’s behavior, I didn’t accuse him of stealing money or anything bad leh. How ah?”


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