Cat killer still on the loose in Yishun in 2018 as another dead cat found

He/ She/ They must be stopped.

Belmont Lay| February 21, 04:04 PM

The body of another possibly abused dead cat has been found in Yishun.

This new alleged cat abuse case emerged in Yishun on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

The dead cat was discovered at Block 147 Yishun.

Photos of the deceased animal were shared on the Yishun 326 Tabby cat Facebook page, run by a group of volunteers who rescue and treat community cats.

The photos showed the cat lying near a wall, with its hind legs twisted at an odd angle away from its body.

Blood smears could also be seen on the floor next to the cat.

Channel News Asia reported that the cat was found near a staircase on the second floor of the block. Blood could also be seen on the void deck.

Cat owners in Yishun have been advised to keep their cats indoors to prevent any potential abuse in stairways or in areas where there is not much human traffic.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) is investigating.