No water contamination in Sengkang HDB block of flats: PUB

Fake news.

By Joshua Lee | February 10, 2018


National water agency PUB has collected water samples from a block of flats in Sengkang and tested it to show that the water quality is within normal range and safe for drinking.


This was after notices were pasted on the doors of several units in Block 406B Fernvale Road claiming that water sources are contaminated.

One resident shared the notice with the Singapore police.

The notice read: “Our water source is heavily contaminated with poisonous substance. Please use mineral water for drinking and cooking.”

The notice also alleged that there is “unidentified gas present”.

Residents were urged to cover their floor traps and sink holes when they are not in use.

The message was also printed in Mandarin.

On Friday, Feb. 9, PUB lodged a police report and is working closely with the police to investigate the matter.

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