Drinks & snacks left to thank HDB renovation workers receive grateful reply

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Fasiha Nazren | February 16, 2018 @ 04:13 pm


If your flat is undergoing upgrading works as part of HDB’s subsidised programme, you’d know in advance how long the contract workers have to spend working in a dusty and warm environment.

Most appreciative Singaporeans would have the basic courtesy to at least say “thank you” to these workers.

10-day renovation programme

One Eileena Lee, however, thanked the workers a little more.

Lee’s apartment in Balestier had undergone renovation in January 2018 as part of HDB’s 10-day Home Improvement Programme.

Showing gratitude differently

The homeowner who documented her experience on Facebook, decided to show her gratitude for the contract workers from Sing Tec, a local construction and engineering company that was in charge of the renovation of her home, by leaving for them packet drinks and fruits.

via Eileena Lee’s Facebook page
via Eileena Lee’s Facebook page

“Dear Sing Tec workers, please help yourself to the drinks.”

“Thank you” signboard

Lee and her neighbour also left a few cartons of chrysanthemum tea by the common corridor for the workers, along with a sign thanking them for their hard work.

via Eileena Lee’s Facebook page

In case you can’t see, here’s what the cardboard signage says:

“Dear SingTec workers


Please help yourself to the drinks.”

Cheeky reply

About an hour later, Lee was pleasantly surprised that the workers had left a reply on the very same cardboard.

“I did not expect the response, but it was for sure a pleasant surprise.”

via Eileena Lee’s Facebook page

Speaking to Mothership, Lee added that she wasn’t the only one in her neighbourhood leaving drinks and snacks for the hardworking workers.

“Pretty much all of my neighbours did the same for the workers working on their units.”

Top image via Eileena Lee’s Facebook page

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