S'poreans leave 'love notes' for driver who took up two parking lots in Changi Village

It was a pretty busy car park.

Mandy How | February 24, 2018, 06:31 PM

Courageous Singaporeans have left at least five "love notes" to a driver who did not park his/her car properly.

The car, a relatively small light blue Toyota, audaciously took up two lots in a busy carpark near Changi Village Hawker Centre:

The car was spotted by Mothership on Feb. 24,  3.30pm.

Love notes attached to windshield and the rear window

The presence of several notes, attached to both the windshield and the rear window, indicate that the vehicle might have been there for some time before that.

Here are what the notes read:

"Park properly lah... how you pass your driving license. STOMP"

"If you f*ck like you park, you're never going to make it."



"Brainless sh*t. Please park properly next time. Be considerate!"


Below this note is a mysterious assortment of red packets (not sure if they contain anything) and parking coupons (not sure if used) that may or may not have been left by the same person.

The car was in the same spot when it was close to 5pm, with no driver in sight.

Other Singaporeans could be seen snapping photos of the car.

Hopefully the driver gets the message.