New MRT trains have 'tip-up' seats but S'poreans are having none of it

'Why not put carpet instead? Everyone can sit on the floor.'

Fasiha Nazren | February 28, 2018, 02:04 PM

New features have been unveiled for two new trains on the North-South and East-West Line fleet.

This comes after the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is taking over the North-South, East-West, Circle and the Bukit Panjang LRT Line from SMRT.

The new features include the addition of LTA's logo on the trains, a reliability improvement feature and the most interesting feature of all, "tip-up" seats.

Tip-up seats

There will be 12 of these tip-up seats per car.

These seats, according to The Straits Times, will have an operator tipping the seats, depending on passenger load.

This mechanism will make room for 100 more passengers on the train, increasing the peak capacity by around 8 percent.

In a report by Channel NewsAsia, the seats will only be folded during the morning and evening peak periods and can only be done by the train driver.

Here's a peek of the foldable seats:


So far, at least one person praised LTA for the "innovative solution".

reply to @STcom

"It is soooo nice to see this innovative solution... hats off to the team who designed..."

While others were not as open to the idea of the foldable seats because, you know, most Singaporeans would much rather sit than stand.

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"I doubt people are gonna "lift their seat up and stand" for the sake of others."

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"Everyone wants a seat, why would commuters want the seats to be folded up? Why don't spend time and effort to settle the signal fault?"

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"As much as possible, commuters would very much like to sit down. This is why people often throw courtesy out of the window and rush in the trains in the hopes of getting a seat. Have you seen anyone rushing in hoping to stand? Sorry LTA, you've completely lost the plot."


Meanwhile, others had some suggestions for LTA to work on.

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"Useless... waste money... build room better for us to sleep.."

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"So great! Now, more spaces to do our own exercises, on the ways! Soon! Foldable bicycles are ok! Non-foldable bikes too!"

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"Why not put carpet instead, everyone can sit on the floor."

But the real question is, will the operator make us give up our seats when there's a lack of space?

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"Operator decide? So there's going to be an operator at every stop now?"


Meanwhile, in Japan:

Top image via Land Transport Authority's Facebook page