Hidden rooftop bar in Arab St is halal, serves S'pore folklore-inspired mocktails

They also have childhood games such as Snakes & Ladders and Old Maid.

Mandy How| February 03, 03:03 PM

At the end of a series of snaking stairs lies Atap Bar, a fifth-storey hidden halal rooftop bar overlooking town.

Yes, you have to ask staff for the 'secret door' entrance.

The place is only about a month old, but is already packed with reservations on weekends.

Besides the usual beverages like coffee, tea, and juices, Atap Bar is known for its local folklore-inspired mocktails. Prices range from S$13 - $16, and the establishment does not charge for service and GST.


For example, there are drinks like Sang Nila Utama's Mango Madness (S$15), made with soda, fresh lime juice, mango kombucha, mango pudding, nata de coco and such.

There's also [email protected] Serai (S$14), which has ginger ale, lemon juice, elderflower presse, and fresh lemongrass paste.


And Rasa Sayang (S$14) looks interesting with coconut juice, lime juice, strawberry, rose infused water, and demerara (large-grained sugar).


Naturally, bar bites such as Honey Wings (S$10), Chicken Nuggets (S$8), and Classic Curly Fries (S$7) are also available.

Plus, they have childhood games like Snakes & Ladders and Five Stones that you can borrow:


And the view up there looks pretty good too, as do its interior:






Judging by its popularity, we'd suggest going on weekdays, or making a reservation in advance on weekends.

However, note that reservations have a cut-off time of 3pm on the same day. 

Where to go:

48 Arab Street, Level 5, Singapore99745

When to go:

Mon, Weds, Thurs, 5pm — 12am

Fri, 5pm — 12am

Sat, 4pm — 1am

Sun, 4pm — 12am

Closed on Tuesdays.

Top image from @nurffz and @atapbar on Instagram.