Calories in these Chinese New Year snacks are equivalent to 1 bowl of white rice

Everything good is bad.

Mandy How | Belmont Lay | February 12, 2018, 10:46 PM

As Chinese New Year 2018 sneaks up on everyone this February, snacking has commenced in earnest again.

As there is never such a thing as "just one" because it will be an exercise in futility, here is a handy cut-out-and-keep guide showing the calorie content of CNY snacks equivalent to an average bowl of white rice containing 225 calories.

Note: On average, a woman requires around 1,800 calories a day while a man requires about 2,200. This number is also dependent on your lifestyle choices and daily activities.

1.5 slices of bak kwa - About 250 calories


7 pineapple tarts - About 255 calories


5 love letters - About 225 calories


10 prawn rolls - About 220 calories


6 kuih bangkit - 240 calories


4 kuih bahulu - 240 calories


1.5 slices of kueh lapis - 240 calories


5 crispy honeycomb - 250 calories


1 piece fried nian gao fritter - 220 calories


5 peanut cookies - 250 calories


5 mandarin oranges - 250 calories



And if rice wasn't relatable enough, there's also a chart comparing the more popular options to fast food:

Source: JadeIsabelle Source: JadeIsabelle

Yeah. Let that sink in.

Let's eat.