People in China trust their govt & media the most, global survey found

Chinese are also the most optimistic about their government leading them to a better future.

By Kayla Wong | February 1, 2018

A new global survey has revealed that out of 27 countries and territories, Chinese people have trust in their government and media the most.

According to the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, the average rate of trust in the country’s institutions of government, business, media and NGOs among the general population in China is 74 percent.

This is 26 percent higher than the global average.

The survey was conducted online with over 33,000 respondents.

Chinese most optimistic about the country’s future

State media China Daily has trumpeted the results, saying that the Chinese government is the “most trustworthy”.

It also pointed out that only 33 percent of the American people trust their government.

Furthermore, when questioned about which institution is most likely to lead to a better future, an overwhelming 68 percent of Chinese responded with the government, while just 15 percent of Americans say the same.

How about Singapore?

As for Singapore, 58 percent of its population have trust in the country’s institutions, putting it in the “neutral” zone.

This is a drop of 2 percentage points from 2017, when it was in the “trust” zone.

Nevertheless, when narrowed down to the people’s trust in the government, Singaporeans ranked high at 65 percent — a drop of 4 percent from 2017 — placing it in the “trust” zone alongside India (70%), Indonesia (73%), UAE (77%) and China (84%).

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