SBS Transit bus commuters almost fought, swore fluently in Hokkien & English

Language used is NSFW.

Rachel Ng | Sulaiman Daud | January 31, 2018, 12:52 AM

A young man and a fellow older commuter were caught on video hurling vulgarities and challenging each other to a fight on a SBS bus.

The video, which is about two minutes long, was posted on Facebook on Jan. 29.

You can see it below:

[video poster="" width="360" height="640" mp4=""][/video]

Play by play

Here is a blow-by-blow account of what happened.

The video begins with a bang.

The man in the blue top starts speaking, presumably, to a man in a white top and jeans standing next to him:

"Man in Blue: F*** you!

(Offscreen): Kan ni ma de -

MB: Well f*** you, b*stard!

(Offscreen): (Unintelligible)

MB: Ok, that's what you want to say? Speak properly, d*ckhead!"


Silence for a few seconds, then the man in blue starts up again.

"MB: Come on, go back and learn some English! Sh*t!

(Offscreen): (Unintelligible)

MB: F*** off!

MW: F*** you ah!

MB: Yeah yeah, f*** off, d*ckhead!"

There is another pause, then the conversation resumes.

MB: Yeah go f*** yourself...(he) just threw a punch in the air. Just f*** off, I'm fine.

(Offscreen): Me ah?

MB: (Suddenly switching to Hokkien) You're a chao ch** bai. (You're a smelly c***.)

(Offscreen): F*** your mother ch** bye.

MB: F*** off!

The man in blue shakes his leg for a couple of seconds, then suddenly kicks a packaged electric fan in a box, lying next to his feet. This sparks an altercation.

The man in white comes in with a kick that doesn't connect, which prompts the man in blue to aim a kick of his own at the man in white.

The two men square off in a fighting stance and start cursing at each other.

MB: An zhua? An zhua? An zhua! Ni yao hoot ah? Lai lah! (What's the matter? What's the matter? What's the matter? You want to fight ah?)

MW: Ni jiang shen me? (What are you talking?)

MB: Ni xian dong shou xian, ni xian dong shou xian! (You started hitting first! You started hitting first!)

MW: Ni xian dong shou! (You started this!)

MB: Wo mei you xiang ni jiang ben wor, zhong guo ren! (I'm not as stupid as you, you person of mainland Chinese extraction! )

MW: Lai! (Come!)

Chao ch** bai! Lai ah! (Your mother's smelly c***! Come at me!)

Perhaps sensing trouble, someone stealthily removes the red bag from its resting place.

Two women standing near the two quarrelsome men also take the opportunity to quietly duck out.

Undeterred, the Man in Blue continues his tirade.

MB: Chao ch** bai, lai ah!


MB: Wu ji bo? (Do you have the testicular fortitude?)


At this point, a man wearing a uniform that says "SBS Transit", presumably the bus captain, appears to intervene in the altercation.

However, the Man in Blue remains undeterred, and continues swearing.

MB: Chao ch** bai! Chao ch** bai! Le ka lim peh xia lai! (Your mother's smelly c***! Your mother's smelly c***! You better give your father come down now!)

MB: Chao ch** bai! CHAO CH** BAI! F*** OFF! LAI AH! Qu hong gan ah, chao ch** bai! (Your mother's smelly c***! Your mother's smelly c***! Go f*** yourself, your mother's smelly c***!)

MB: Qi lai lah! (Get up lah!)

MB: Ni ye bu gan dong shou, ta ma de, chao ch** bai! (You also don't dare to fight, your mother, your mother's smelly c***!)

The video ends with the Man in Blue being led away to the front of the bus by the man in the SBS Transit uniform.

The trains stopped that day

Although the video was uploaded on Jan. 29, Mothership understands that this incident occurred on Jan. 21.

That just happened to be one of the days when 10 stations on SMRT's East-West line were shut down for maintenance. The incident occurred on a shuttle service between Aljunied and Pasir Ris station.

When contacted, SBS Transit's Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Tammy Tan said the following regarding the incident:

"There was an incident of unruly behaviour on board one of the shuttle services we were operating between Aljunied Station and Pasir Ris Station on Sunday, 21 Jan 2018. Our Bus Captain stopped the trip and separated the two men who were arguing. They remained quiet thereafter and the trip continued. No one was injured in the incident."