China-style Yi Zun noodle restaurant adds to growing list of S’pore halal food options

Beef bowl noodles prepared by hand.

Sulaiman Daud | January 6, 2018 @ 04:36 pm

Muslim foodies looking to expand their culinary horizons will be pleased to learn of a halal outlet that serves up authentic Chinese-style food.

Pic from Huda Rahmat’s Facebook page.

The restaurant is called Yi Zun Noodles, and offers “noodles and Chinese-Muslim cuisine.”

Authentic touch

Yi Zun Noodles is located at 45 Sam Leong Road, near City Square Mall and Farrer Park MRT station.

According to Twitter user @justrantx, the restaurant is run by a lady named Madam Aishah.

Screen shot from Noraini Abdullah’s Facebook page.

According to Twitter user @justrantx, the noodles are said to be prepared by hand, for that touch of authenticity.

Screen shot from @justrantx’s Twitter page.

More choice is good

Yi Zun joins the growing trend of food options that have been made halal to tap into the Muslim market.

With new and exciting bites like lobster laksa, Korean food and Western fare, halal food is no longer just limited to traditional Malay and Indian dishes.

Halal lobster laksa & laksa udon available at Jurong East St 21

This allows Muslim diners to try out new kinds of cuisine, lets restaurant owners serve more customers, and non-Muslim customers can still enjoy the food.

Everyone wins!

Top image from @justrantx’s Twitter page and Noraini Abdullah’s Facebook page.

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