Fallen tree in Queenstown took out lamp post & damaged a BMW & Nissan parked nearby

Not a happy Sunday for these car owners.

Henedick Chng | January 14, 2018 @ 12:32 pm

A large fallen tree at an open air car park in Queenstown has caused some grief to a couple of car owners on Sunday (Jan. 14) morning, it seems.

The tree near SkyVille estate along Dawson Road, had also knocked over a lamp post in the process. Both tree and lamp post hit at least two cars that were parked nearby.

Photo from Facebook

The tree looked like it had been uprooted, possibly by strong winds that swept through the area the previous night.

Photo by Mothership.sg

Both tree and lamp post had been taken off the damaged vehicles by the time Mothership.sg got to the car park about 11am on Sunday.

Photo taken after  by Mothership.sg
Photo by Mothership.sg

Damage to cars

Nonetheless, one could still make out the likely damage caused to the cars.

Here’s the damage to the BMW.

Photo by Mothership.sg

And this is what happened to the Nissan.

Photo by Mothership.sg
Photo by Mothership.sg
Photo by Mothership.sg

Definitely not a happy Sunday for these car owners, the lamp post, and the tree.


Top image from Facebook.

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