Man allegedly instructed woman to slap herself at Dome at Dempsey, she does so rapidly

The slaps were audible.

Mandy How | December 08, 2017, 05:29 PM

A man was seen allegedly instructing his lady companion to slap herself at Dome, a cafe at Dempsey Hill.

The incident was filmed by another patron, who was at the F&B establishment with two cousins.

The videos were uploaded on Dec. 7, 3.33pm.

According to the cousin of the person who uploaded the post, who was at the scene, the man appeared to be angry with the woman, and had directed intermittent outbursts at her -- in addition to angry remarks made throughout the meal.

The loud, ringing slaps allegedly went on for around an hour.

The first video showed a series of rapid slaps:

[video width="339" height="600" mp4=""][/video]

The same thing happened in the second video, except the man appeared to be giving further instructions:

[video width="339" height="600" mp4=""][/video]

In the third video, the woman touched his arm to apologise, but was met with hostility and she ended up slapping herself again.

[video width="339" height="600" mp4=""][/video]

In the final (and longest) video, the man could be seen speaking sternly and shaking his head, whereupon the woman continued with her rapid slapping.

The woman then spoke to the man, but gave herself one final slap (on camera, at least)

[video width="339" height="600" mp4=""][/video]


The group who witnessed what happened noted a number of things, which was shared on another post:

- The man was ordering the woman to slap herself a specific number of times after each angry remark.

- In one instance, the trio heard him ordering her to slap herself 20 times, which she proceeded to do -- really hard.

- The woman apologised repeatedly and even tried to touch his hand to ask for forgiveness, but was met with spite and orders for more slaps (third video).

It was also observed that the woman's face was red and swollen from the slaps, and she was clearly stressed out and afraid.

By sharing this on Facebook, the hope was for members of the public to help identify the couple and prevent such abuse from taking place again.

This is the original post:

And these are the observations of the situation:

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