We secretly took AR photographs of our colleagues. It was fun

Easiest way to diffuse a tense situation and be more popular with your colleagues.

Tsiuwen Yeo | Sponsored | December 08, 2017, 06:46 PM

You’ve probably used one of these before. That is, if you exist on social media.


Of course, augmented reality (AR) filters like these are relatively new in the world of social media. Since Snapchat introduced them back in 2015, they’ve been a hit among social media users -- the most popular being the flower crown and dog filters.

AR filters were launched on both Instagram and Facebook this year as well.

Other than for taking cuteass selfies, these filters are also perfect for taking the most hilarious candid photos of your colleagues -- especially when they are unaware.

Just to lighten the mood and make everyone laugh.

Like so:

Introducing: the best times to take AR photos in the office

*p.s: Mothership will not be held responsible for any angered bosses (this is a disclaimer)

*p.s.s: this list is not extensive and can differ by office type and culture.

1. Surprise attack outside the toilet

"what the fxxk?"

2. Serious afternoon discussion

"Like many 'serious' discussions, no one knows what's going on"

3. Brainstorming session

"Brainprodding session."

4. When work starts to get boring as heck

"wao so art much fancy"

5. Lunch with the colleagues

“This is how guys get hooked on eyeliner”

6. Serious presentations

“Alpacas are serious topics in our office.”

But honestly, while some of these filters are comical, others are pure art -- like this one inspired by L.A. based artist Tristan Eaton, who’s known for his signature graffiti designs of faces:


What. You don’t take selfies at your desk? Just make sure your boss doesn’t see.

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This is a sponsored post by UOB Cards. This really cool Tristan Eaton inspired filter is also by UOB Cards. The idea of taking secret shots of your colleagues (and potentially angering your boss) is not by UOB Cards.