S'porean teen girls form K-pop group called Beaunite, annoys K-pop fans on Twitter

Some were appalled at how they treated the concept of 'debuting', others concerned about the girls' well-being.

Guan Zhen Tan | December 06, 2017, 04:50 PM

Do you remember having a cringe-worthy phase when you were younger?

A group of kids in Singapore might just not forget about it when they get older.

If you're not on Twitter or exposed to the unsavoury side of it, let's just say what probably started out as harmless fun spiralled into drama hitting the K-pop fandom in all the wrong places.

Fun went wrong

So, it all started when 13 girls in Singapore decided to form a girl group, inspired by various Korean girl groups that are all the rage now.

They filmed and uploaded a video, framed as their debut, in which they introduced themselves, their age and role in the group.

While they began and ended their introduction in Korean, they also spoke in English and had (some) Chinese subtitles.

It's not known if the group had an official Twitter account, but we do know they have an official Instagram page, which was reportedly following all 13 members on Instagram.

Their YouTube video was then taken down, only to be re-uploaded by those who have seen it.

But it came too late as fellow K-pop fans picked up on their video and started ridiculing them.




Someone even made a parody account of K-pop news site Allkpop, satirising Beaunite's debut as one that would shake up the industry:




Debut: A serious word

Fans also took offence with the way the group used the word "debut", which upon looking at the numerous tweets, suggests that with the effort and training K-pop idols undergo before they can make their debut on the scene, these girls from Singapore were nowhere worthy of saying that they were "debuting".





Not the first

It's not as if it's Singaporeans' first ever attempt at K-pop.

Singapore had a K-pop group called Skarf, made up of both Koreans and Singaporeans. It was a short-lived attempt and two years after their debut in 2012, the band dissolved.

But at least, in official terms, they went through everything a K-pop group needed to undergo.



Just child's play?

The overblown reactions of K-pop fans toward the girls probably comes with the understanding that K-pop is a serious business.

But in all likelihood, the girls in Singapore were just trying to have some fun.

Perhaps Beaunite started as a parody of the tropes that make up a K-pop girl group, self-aware that whatever they're doing is a far cry from what their idols have gone through to get to where they are.

But to add fuel to the fire, supposed screenshots of their Insta stories say otherwise:


Supposedly better known Singaporeans have also stepped in, with the likes of Dee Kosh and Benjamin Kheng putting in a word:


While most are pretty much aware that these girls didn't know better, some are concerned whether the negative backlash would have some sort of repercussions on the young girls aged between 13 and 17.

Screenshot via r/Singapore on Reddit



We've reached out to the group for comment.

Top image via Beaunite's YouTube video

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