M’cyclist tells e-scooter rider to get off road repeatedly. LTA officers pull up. On bikes.

Instant karma.

By Belmont Lay | December 7, 2017

Here is a video showcasing instant karma in action:

E-scooter rider on road

A motorcyclist spotted an e-scooter rider on the road along Tanglin Halt, travelling towards Commonwealth MRT.

Based on a longer version of the video, the e-scooter rider was spotted by the motorcyclist way earlier when he was preparing to turn right at the traffic junction.

After the motorcyclist turned right and caught up with the e-scooter rider, he could be heard repeatedly telling the e-scooter rider to get off the road:

Motorcyclist: “Hey, you’re not supposed to be on the road.”

E-scooter rider: [Inaudible voice that sounds like “What?”]

Motorcyclist: “You’re not supposed to be on the road.”

“They are not allowed on the road.”

“I advise him he don’t want to listen.”

The e-scooter rider slowed down but continued along the side of the road.

LTA enforcement officers

A fleet of three Land Transport Authority enforcement officers could then be seen pulling up beside the rider to stop him.

Based on a photo shared online, the e-scooter rider was seen being booked by the LTA officers:


Original video from here:

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