2 elderly women in their 70s fight using umbrella & chair at Pasir Ris coffee shop


By Mandy How | December 7, 2017

Two elderly women in their 70s were caught on camera fighting each other with an umbrella and chair.

“Ham kah chan”

The incident occured at the coffee shop of Pasir Ris Block 444, around 9am of Dec. 7.

The video was by a Facebook user Jin Lin:

The woman wielding the umbrella in blue is a staff cleaner at the coffee shop, while the chair-brandishing woman in pink appears to be a patron.

It was not clear who started the fight, but both parties can be heard shouting “Ham kah chan”, which is a Cantonese curse for “Your whole family die”.

At one point, the patron was even pushed supine against the chairs of the coffee shop by the woman in blue.


Mothership understands that the fight allegedly started when the woman in blue, who is a staff cleaner, was cleaning a table, when she was provoked by the other woman in pink.

They were eventually pulled apart by two men.

A prior dispute is suspected, but the details of what happened are not known.

Lin, who uploaded the video, even mentioned that he had iced lemon tea splashed on him during the fight. 

When questioned by other Facebook users as to why he did not stop the fight, Lin said that he was not done eating yet.

We want to be this energetic at 70 too.

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