2 SMRT trains collided at Joo Koon MRT Station, at least 23 passengers and 2 SMRT staff injured

The SCDF confirmed that 25 people were taken to hospital, with most having sustained minor injuries.

By Sulaiman Daud | November 15, 2017

Editor’s note 12:14pm: Updated with LTA-SMRT Joint Statement on the incident, and new update from the SCDF on number of people injured.

It was another bad day for commuters on Nov. 15, as an SMRT train collided with another stationary train at Joo Koon MRT station at about 8:30 am in the morning.

According to SMRT passenger Mei Anne, she was on the train which hit the stationary train in Joo Koon Station. She added that she fell over as a result of the collision, along with other passengers, and that she hurt her back in the fall.

She recounted her experience in a Facebook post, which you can see below:

The Singapore Civil Defence Force confirmed in a Facebook post at about 10:45 am that they had been alerted to an incident at Joo Koon MRT Station earlier in the morning.

The SCDF stated that 23 injured passengers had been sent to hospitals, with a majority of them sustaining “minor injuries”.

The accident at Joo Koon was just one of the incidents causing a delay of MRT services on Nov. 15, along with reported delays along the Circle Line and the East West Line.

At about 12 pm on Nov. 15, the SCDF posted an update on Facebook about the people injured in the incident, revising the total taken to hospital to 25.

LTA and SMRT also released a joint statement, giving additional information on the incident:

“This morning at 8.18am, a train heading in the direction of Tuas Link Station stalled at Joo Koon Station. At 8.19am, a second train stopped behind the first faulty train. At 8.20am, the second train moved forward unexpectedly, and came into contact with the first train.

23 passengers and 2 SMRT staff sustained light to moderate injuries, and have been conveyed to Ng Teng Fong Hospital and National University Hospital. SMRT and LTA are investigating the incident.”

Top image from Mei Anne’s Facebook page.

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