S'pore enrichment centre live-streams free math lessons for primary 5 & 6

Chiong ah!

Mandy How | October 27, 2017, 04:29 PM

If you're a panicky upper primary student (or the parent of such) facing the end-of-year-exams, this should be a saviour of sorts.

Enrichment centre Math Heuristics conducts Facebook live lessons for upper primary math on a weekly basis, covering heuristic approaches identified by MOE. 

The sessions are taught by math curriculum specialist Kevin Huang, who has six years of experience in teaching mathematical heuristics for primary school students. 

What are heuristics, can eat or not?

Heuristics are strategies designed to solve challenging and non-routine mathematical problems, and examples of these include the use of models, working backwards, simplifying the problem, and making suppositions. 

Real-time Q&A

There is an interactive element to the live-streams, which allows students or parents to get their queries answered on the spot.

Some parents' concerns, such as challenges in teaching their child, are also addressed.

Free lessons

These lessons are free, and anyone can join in.

Here's an example of a lesson on the unit transfer method, which can be applied to various topics like whole number, decimal, ratio, percentage, fraction, as well as speed and rate.

We'll leave you to watch it because our maths fail.

For those who missed out on past lessons, the videos and corresponding worksheets with solutions can be accessed for free too. You can find them here.

This may be an oxymoron, but happy studying.