Man fined for smoking under shelter, claims it was raining & complains NEA officers too strict

Not everyone agrees with him though.

Mandy How | October 09, 2017, 02:57 PM

A Singaporean man issued a fine of S$200 for smoking under the shelter has complained online it is unfair.

He argued it was raining at that time he was caught, or else, he would not have remained under the covered walkway.

And he is unhappy about it as he believes that National Environment Agency officers could be more lenient to smokers during wet weather conditions.

Took a video

In a video posted online, the smoker's repeated protests against being fined could be heard as he kept arguing with a pair of NEA officers who were aware they were being filmed.

It was not clear when the incident occured, but the video was uploaded on Oct. 5, 2017.

The smoker was with a female companion at that time as her voice could be heard.

You can watch the video here here:

Note: The man in red is the NEA officer, not the smoker.

Summary of video

1. The smoker sarcastically agrees to give his particulars. "It's really rehap -- prensible," he says.

2. He notes that the NEA officers are recording a video of him and his companion.

3. He repeatedly emphasises that the officers should not fine him or smoking under the shelter, as it is raining: "It's raining and you're doing this leh," he says. "On a normal day I would smoke out here (referring to unsheltered area)." There are a few variations of this line of reasoning.

4. The officer listens to their rambling.

5. The smoker points out that he disposed of his cigarette properly.

6. "If it's not raining ... blah blah" - Smoker

7. Female companion says she is very sorry, and has never committed any other kind of offence. More sarcasm from the smoker.

8. The smoker eggs the NEA officer to take down his particulars, and challenges him for holding on to his Identity Card.

9. The officer reminds him that recording a public servant on duty is "not a good idea" while presumably taking down his particulars, to which the smoker points out that he's being recorded too.

10. A quibble ensues over the issue, and the video ends with the smoker pointing out (once again) that the NEA officer held on to his IC without taking down his particulars, which is part of the reason he is recording the scene.


Further complained online

After the incident, the smoker posed two updates to his Facebook profile complaining about what happened:

Public disagreed with smoker's actions

Even though the video was put up to present the smoker's point-of-view, a good number of reactions showed that his actions were frowned upon:

Smokers beware

According to NEA guidelines, smoking is prohibited in covered and underground pedestrian walkways.

Offenders can be fined S$200. If convicted in court, individuals may be liable to a fine of up to S$1,000.

Top image screenshot from video