Man, allegedly from Yishun, tried to break into fellow Yishunite's flat. Thrice. In one night.

He allegedly fell asleep when interrogated halfway by police.

Sulaiman Daud | October 27, 2017, 11:47 AM

Having a total stranger trying to break into your house is a horrible experience, as one Yishun resident can attest.

But having the same stranger trying to break in three times in one night?

Stranger things have yet to happen in Yishun.

But thanks to the quick actions of the Singapore Police Force, the suspect was apprehended quickly.

Intruder damaged window grilles

Recounting the incident in a Facebook post on Oct. 26, Molina said she was woken up around 5.20am by a "loud bang".

Her flat is one of those with a window facing a common corridor. As Molina went into the living room to check out the noise, she saw a figure fumbling at her window.

However, in her sleepy, confused state and as she was short-sighted, she thought that it was a kind stranger who was just trying to help put her cat back in her flat.

So, she said "Hi" to the intruder.


Intruder runs away

Perhaps shocked by her friendliness, the man ran away. Molina then discovered the broken window grilles, realised it was an unwanted intruder, and woke up her husband. They called the police.

Not one to give up, the man returned and tried pushing open the window once more. Molina's husband opened the door confronting him, and the man ran away for a second time.

But he returned for a third time, and was caught by a couple of SPF officers.

Suspect caught by the police

According to Molina, she learned from the police that the suspect was also a fellow Yishun resident, and that he apparently fell asleep half-way during his interrogation.

The suspect caused about S$100 worth of damages to her window grilles, but Molina said she was advised to file for compensation from him. Thankfully, no one was hurt, with Molina's two-year-old son sleeping through the whole incident.

Meanwhile, she's stocked up on homemade pepper spray to defend her home the next time someone tries to break in.

In response to queries, Molina said:

Still feeling quite shaken. But I think through the incident I was more driven by my motherly instinct. I was ready to stab the guy if I needed to, as long as he doesn't step into the house. My 2-year-old son was sleeping in the room. ?

And I hope that nobody has to go thru what we went thru. Close your windows at night! The grilles are useless if you have normal aluminium ones.

She also said one cat was on the couch, while the other cat was under it when the incident happened.

You can see her Facebook post in full below:

Top image from Molly Molina's Facebook page