Good guy Grab driver who drove students to rescue pigeon waited at ACRES to send them to main road

He grabbed the opportunity to do good.

Fasiha Nazren | October 01, 2017, 01:34 PM

Many factors go into consideration when giving a cab driver a five-star rating, but the selflessness of a driver would generally guarantee an instant perfect score.

Suriah Buhari shared her daughter's pleasant experience with Grab driver Vengutu Gopi s/o Kumara on Facebook:

Injured pigeon

Suriah's daughter and her friend chanced upon an injured pigeon on Thursday, Sept. 28, and called the ACRES Wildlife Rescue hotline in hopes of saving the bird.

via Suriah Buhari's Facebook page

However, it happened that no one from ACRES was available to help that day so the Hai Sing Catholic School students decided to call a Grab to send the bird to the ACRES animal sanctuary instead.

Going the extra mile

That's when they met their unlikely saviour, Vengutu.

Normally, a Grab driver would end his/her trip once a passenger alights and go on to find other customers.

ACRES, by the way, is located in a remote area off Choa Chu Kang:

Screenshot from Google Maps

So knowing this, having driven all the way in there, Vengutu made the rare move of deciding to wait for the pair to run their short errand, before sending them the lengthy distance out to the main road so it would be easier for them to find public transportation.


Suriah had posted her story on Grab's Facebook page. The private-hire company, in a comment on the post, promised to share the feedback with Vengutu hoping it will "make his day".

It seems one of Vengutu's wife's friends noticed the post and alerted her to it too:

Screenshot via Facebook post

We don't know the rating that was given to Vengutu, but we do know that he deserves all the stars in the world.

Top photo adapted from Suriah Buhari's Facebook page