Doing a leg split to close car boot is the latest fad among Chinese women

Another body-challenge in China.

By Yeo Kaiqi | October 13, 2017

It seems that China’s never short of “body challenges” that determine if you are “physically perfect”.

Some of such fads you may have come across include: determining if your waist is small enough by comparing it with an A4 size paper, or if you are skinny enough by the collarbones by balancing objects on your collarbone.

And the latest craze among Chinese women? It is the challenge of closing the car boot with a single leg to prove that one has long legs, as reported by Chinese news website Kan Kan News on Oct. 6.

The “leg splits” challenge

Called the “leg splits” challenge, the video compiled by Kan Kan News showed five Chinese females completing the challenge with their legs.

And true enough, did they flaunt their long legs.


The act gained online fame after a video of a mother performing the act went viral on Chinese social media.

However, it seems she only did so because her hands were full — she was carrying a baby and a handbag:

(All gifs via Kan Kan News’ video)

Netizens react

The challenge triggered some interesting reactions from netizens:

Screenshot via here

Translation: These people are ridiculous. The lady was doing a leg split to close her car boot because she was carrying her baby and had no other choice. She wasn’t doing anything sultry and pretentious… As for people like us who have old bones, we are completely exhausted when we have to close the car boot while carrying a child.

Screenshot via here

Translation: Downright disgusting and attention-seeking. The mother had to do that in the first place because she had no other choice while she carried her baby. But who the hell do you think you are?

Screenshot via here

Translation: Rich people like us have cars that can close car boots with a button, so we can’t really understand poor people like you.

Screenshot via here

Translation: I’m not just unable to do a leg split. I don’t have a car either.

Some even responded to the challenge with a spoof:

Gif via here

If you are up for it, here’s the full video of the news uploaded by Kan Kan News:

Top image screenshot composite image via Kan Kan News’ video

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