A donor gave President Halimah Yacob S$440,000 cheque to run for PE2017 that never happened

Unused donations will be returned, according to her team.

By Belmont Lay | October 7, 2017

Even though the Presidential Election 2017 never happened, the accounts books are being opened for public inspection.

According to election expenses documents released by the Elections Department (ELD) on Saturday, Oct. 7, President Halimah Yacob spent S$220,875 in total on her “election campaign”.

What did she spend on

Here is a breakdown of her expenses:

• S$198,154 on advertising and printing of promotional materials
– of which S$72,931.20 went into the printing of 20,100 posters, inclusive of a S$1,800 disposal fee.

• S$29,000 on a “Profile Video Project”

• S$14,050 on website development

• S$9,826 on 510 t-shirts along with 10,000 pin badges

• S$34,000 on printing 1.28 million Admail A5 cards

• S$3,385 on “food, refreshments and accommodation”
– of which was a S$2,000 buffet dinner for 45 people catered by Islamic Restaurant on Sept. 12, the eve of Nomination Day

• S$5,992 on renting a room at the NTUC Centre on 1 Marina Boulevard

Received S$800,000 from seven donations

President Halimah received seven single donations of S$10,000 or more amounting to S$800,000.

This was recorded under the “Single Recordable Donations” category, which lists single donations of S$10,000 or more.

The single highest donation out of the seven pledged was a cheque for S$440,000 from a single individual.

The people helping out with her campaign, such as election agents, polling agents and counting agents, did not receive any remuneration. No amount was recorded under President Halimah’s personal expenses.

Unused donations returned

Under the Presidential Elections Act, the principal election agents of PE candidates have to submit the return on election expenses and corresponding statement within 31 days of the PE’s result being declared in the Government Gazette.

President Halimah’s team submitted her expenses documents on Oct. 3.

Her team said in a press statement: “All unused donations raised will be returned to the kind donors.”

“The donors have been encouraged by Mdm Halimah’s passion for the social causes. Many of them have indicated that they intend to make a contribution to the next cycle of the President’s Challenge,” the statement added.

Members of the public can inspect President Halimah’s return on election expenses and statement. It will be available for the next six months during office hours on any working day.

A S$2 fee will be imposed for those looking to view the documents.

Top photo via Halimah Yacob Facebook

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