S’porean man moons butt while petting cat, uncle who witnessed it too shocked to move

Full moon.

By Guan Zhen Tan | September 14, 2017

You read that headline right.

In a video uploaded to Twitter by user Maleeanah on Sep.12, a man can be seen mooning himself while petting a community cat in the video, leading one think that maybe his pants slipped while he was interacting with the feline.

And in the mostย classic voyeuristic way possible, someone filmed him while laughing away at the embarrassing scene.

That’s not even all – towards the end of the video, the cameraman shouts “eh got people lah”, before panning and zooming in dramatically to an elderly uncle who’s so stunned by the display, his jaw dropped.

Screenshot via Maleeanah’s Twitter video

For Real?

A looser pair pants might slip while bending over or squatting, but to let it fall so low and to not feel any indication to pull your pants up is nearly impossible.

Thus, there’s a chance that this is one of those “do it because it’ll go viral” stunts, which turned into something more hilarious with the poor uncle’s intrusion into their 10 seconds of fame.

In any case, we hope the poor guy who mooned his butt has since recovered from his embarrassment, or at least, not gotten into trouble with that shell-shocked uncle.

Top image via Maleeanah’sย Twitter

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